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Stacey Greenway RPN, Podortho Nurse

Meet Stacey Greenway RPN, Podortho Nurse


Stacey Greenway RPN, Podortho Nurse has been specializing in foot care since 2015 serving Caledonia and the surrounding area. Stacey graduated from the Registered Practical Nursing program at Mohawk College in 2000. After graduating she started her career in Long Term Care and enjoyed that for 17 years! Stacey has always had an interest in foot care and decided to expand her skills. At that time she attended The College of Health Studies for Advanced Foot Care and became certified in 2015. Stacey completed the Podortho nursing program in 2021 and is now registered with the Ontario Podortho Nursing Association (OPNA). Stacey enjoys providing foot care for her community and hopes to do so for many years to come!

Meet Jessica Chamberlain RPN, Podortho Nurse

Jessica graduated from Mohawk College in 2005 and started her nursing career in long term care but soon after got into the hospital life. Jessica started out at NGH in 2006 and moved on to HHS in 2007 working on a medical/surgical floor and spent almost 10 years in same day surgery and loved it! She has always been drawn to foot care and completed the Podortho Nursing course in early 2021! Providing foot care and maintaining foot health is a true passion of hers and she looks forward to seeing you out in the community!