Routine & Diabetic
Nursing Footcare

Personal Care Clinic has been providing foot care services to Caledonia and the surrounding area since 1998.

Is Foot Care Right for Me?

Foot care is important for everyone! However some specific reasons that someone should see a foot care nurse would be:

  • Difficulty trimming their own nails
  • Diagnosed with diabetes
  • Have poor eyesight
  • Decrease in mobility
  • Poor circulation
  • History of foot ulcerations

What is a Podortho Nurse - Advanced foot care Nurse

Podortho Nurse holding a cross section foot display

Infection Control

Personal Care Clinic takes infection control very seriously. All foot care instruments undergo a strict steam sterilization process. They are cleaned, disinfected and packaged prior to sterilization by autoclave thus reducing the risk of infection. All instruments are sterile until the point of use. All surface areas and treatment areas are disinfected between appointments. Best practice standards are met in all areas of foot care!

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